The following brochures provide a quick guide to get you started with your project. For specific questions, or items not addressed below please contact the Building Department at 801-525-2780.

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Accessory Building Brochure07 November, 2014 04:37 PMtrevor.cahoon288 KB
Accessory Buildings Engineering07 November, 2014 04:38 PMtrevor.cahoon489 KB
Basement Finish or Remodel Brochure07 November, 2014 04:38 PMtrevor.cahoon363 KB
City Code temporary signs 107 November, 2014 04:39 PMtrevor.cahoon376 KB
Fence Requirements07 November, 2014 04:39 PMtrevor.cahoon1.54 MB
Good Landlord Incentive Program07 November, 2014 04:40 PMtrevor.cahoon337 KB
Tree planting guidelines07 November, 2014 04:40 PMtrevor.cahoon281 KB