Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division values pride in our community. The Code Enforcement Division strives to promote a positive community image working within the community striving for clean and attractive neighborhoods and business districts. Through enforcement and encouraging quick compliance, a safe and desirable living and working environment can be achieved.

City Code

City ordinances are designed to protect the health and safety of the citizens and visitors of Clearfield City. The ordinances include weeds or noxious vegetation, waste, litter, garbage or filth of any nature accumulating upon any real property within Clearfield City limits. The Code Enforcement Division also is responsible to look for abandoned vehicles (which by definition is any vehicle that is not currently registered/inspected or non-operational), street parking violations and clear view (which includes the pruning of trees and vegetation which may obstruct the view of sidewalks, intersections, signs and driveways). 

Code Enforcement Officers investigate citizen complaints and identify others through proactive inspections. When valid violations have been identified, the occupant or property owner will be given a notice of violation. The notice will define in detail the violations, what action must be taken for compliance and a time-frame for the action to be completed. 

If the violations are not corrected, a citation can be issued which requires a mandatory court appearance and a possible fine of up to $1,800, depending on the violation. The city may also utilize city resources or private contractors to resolve the violations and obtain court ordered restitution, or place a tax lien against the property.

To report an ordinance violation online go to  Report an Issue Online. 

Questions regarding code enforcement can be directed to: 
Code Enforcement Division - 801-525-2845
Lieutenant Devin Rogers – Code Enforcement Division Supervisor; 801-525-2821 
Michael McDonald – Clearfield City Building Inspector; 801-525-2783

For a copy of the Ordinance Enforcement brochure, Click here: