Small Claims

Small Claims

The Clearfield Justice Court has jurisdiction over small claims cases (claims up to $10,000, exclusive of filing and process service fee) if the defendant resides in Clearfield City, or if the debt or cause of action arose in Clearfield City.


  • $60 if the claim is $2,000 or less
  • $100 if the claim is for $2,001 - $7,500
  • $185 if the claim is for $7,501 - $10,000

Forms and Instructions

Necessary forms, as well as instructions for filing and prosecuting a small claims case

Collecting on a Judgment

When a plaintiff prevails in a small claims case, the plaintiff will be given a “judgment.” It is up to the plaintiff to collect on that judgment.

Information and instructions on how to collect on a judgment

Rules of Procedure

The Utah Rules of Small Claims Procedure