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Storm Water Inspections 
To schedule an inspection or to report an issue about a construction site please contact Jared Justensen, Storm Water Manager, at 801-525-4423, or email For an after-hours emergency please call Clearfield City Dispatch at 801-525-2806.

Blue Stakes
To call in a Blue Stakes request call 8-1-1. To report an issue with Blue Stakes within Clearfield City, please contact Jared Justensen, Storm Water Manager, at 801-525-4423, or email 

Clearfield City Public Works would like to clarify with residents the City's Blue Stakes responsibility: the City marks the sewer water and storm drain and does not mark past the water meter to the home. The City's responsibility is from the street to the water meter.

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Storm Water

We all need to work together to ensure that pollutants and illicit discharges (any non-storm water discharge) are not entering into our storm water system. Only storm water should go down the storm drain.

  • Remember to sweep and collect dirt, soil and garbage from garages, driveways, pavement areas and gutters. By sweeping up debris and using cleaning methods, such as wiping down equipment with cloths rather than hosing down areas, you conserve water and help prevent pollutants from going down the storm drains.
  • If a spill occurs, such as gasoline, oil, grease, or paint, utilize absorbents such as kitty litter to soak up wet spills and remember to properly dispose of absorbent materials.
    When washing your vehicle, it should be done on your lawn or at a commercial car cleaning site (car wash).
  • It is illegal to discharge or cause a discharge into the storm drain or water course any material that causes or contributes to a violation of applicable water quality standards other than storm water. Pollutants include but are not limited to oil, grease, gasoline, anti-freeze, dirt or sediment, fertilizer, paint, solvents, pet waste, chlorinated swimming pool water, herbicides, pesticides and grass clippings.

Working together we can  make a difference. Remember...rain in the drain. 


Environmental emergencies and illicit discharge reporting hotline:

The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines an illicit charge as, "any discharge into a storm drain system that is not composed entirely of storm water." This means that anything other than simply water that falls from the sky is an illicit discharge. There are many hazardous household products, yard care products, fertilizers, dog waste, car soaps and automotive fluids that turn what should only be storm water into an illicit discharge that pollutes and degrades local water quality.

For all illicit discharges or questions and concerns regarding storm drain, please call: Jared Justensen, Storm Water Manager, at 801-525-4423, or email 


For hazardous materials, please call:
Hazardous Material Team (North Davis Fire Department)
Jared Justensen, Storm Water Manager, at 801-525-4423, or email 

Report an issue or concern with a storm drain line, storm drain box, Blue Stakes inquiry, or the City fleet. 

The electronic version of the Storm Water Management Plan is provided for your convenience. 
Household hazardous waste disposal information.
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