Start/Stop Service

Utility Start-up Information

Clearfield City bills for water, sewer, garbage and storm water services. The City requires residents to complete an Application for Utility Service and Financial Responsibility Agreement before services can begin. The application can be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed. In addition, the application is available at our office on the first floor of City Hall at 55 South State Street.

The City requires the property owner to maintain financial responsibility for City provided services and proof of ownership is required to establish an account.

When signing up for services, please make sure all water is turned off at the residence. This requirement is to ensure that flooding/water damage does not occur when a city technician turns water on at the meter located near the street. 

Security Deposit Information

All new utility account applicants pay a refundable security deposit of $120 when signing-up for services. The deposit is held for each utility account. The deposit is applied to its related utility account after the account has been kept continuously current for one year.  A notification letter will be mailed to you when you have completed this requirement.

If you terminate or move out of Clearfield City prior to having your security deposit applied to your account, the deposit will be applied to your termination billing and remainder refunded by check. Balances less than $10.00 are not refunded.

Terminating/Closing Utility Accounts

Please contact the Utility Administration Division once a residence or business is vacated. It is the account holder’s responsibility to contact the Division and request services are shut-off and the utility account closed. Please do not wait for a new owner to move-in and sign-up for services to terminate an old account. Terminated, delinquent accounts may be referred to a third-party collection agency for collections.

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55 South State Street
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Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.